Animal Control

All dogs residing in the Town of Harpswell are required to be immunized against rabies and it is the responsibility of the owners to keep them up to date with the vaccines. By state law, dogs must be registered on a yearly basis, at which time proof of rabies immunization must be shown. Dog registration continues to be an issue as many dog owners fail to register their pets which creates an additional burden for the ACO, who has to contact those who have forgotten. By the end of June, 53 owners had not registered their dogs. All were contacted by phone or mailed letters reminding them to re-register. Some responded immediately and did as required, others stated their pets were deceased, a few had moved from Harpswell and others ignored the notices.

Routine patrols of various trails and properties that are Town-owned yielded positive results, on the average, as most dog owners keep their pets on a leash at the times required by Town rules. However, in a few cases some residents keep complaining that people do not follow the rules and let their dogs loose during the hours of 10am to 4pm at certain locations. We ask that dog owners follow the rules for each location.

As always, all complaints, questions and concerns should be channeled through the Cumberland County Sheriff's Dispatch Center at 1-800-501-1111.

Finally, we want to stress the importance of licensing, vaccinating and properly identifying your pets so when they are found at large they can be quickly returned to their homes. Thank you.

Follow this link to see the Town's Animal Control Ordinance.