Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact a Select Board member?

Email links for each Select Board member are listed in the Contact Us section.  Please remember email communication is considered public information.

Can I get sign up to have emails, texts and/or calls with information, such as Select Board agendas, automatically sent to me?

      Follow this link to subscribe to receive Town information.

Are there services available to seniors remain in Harpswell?

       Follow this link for senior services information.  

How do I report a concern with a Town Road?

You can use the Town's on-line form or contact the Road Commissioner via phone at 837-7744.

Can I get a copy of my tax bill? 

Copies of tax bills are available on the Tax Collector's page.

How can I pay my taxes?

There are several methods available for paying your property tax bill. 1) Cash—stop by and pay in person; 2) Check—in person or via mail; 3) credit or debit cards—in person only with a 2.5% fee assessed for each transaction; and 4) a web-based payment service called AndroGov —a $1 fee will be assessed for each transaction.  The Tax Collector is authorized to accept pre-payments of taxes as a service to taxpayers for anyone who wishes to pay taxes in advance of receiving a tax bill.

The first installment of the annual tax bill is due on September 15 with the second installment being due on December 15 (dates may be adjusted if the 15th is on a non-business day). Interest will be assessed on the unpaid portion of any installment after its due date.

 Are fireworks permissible in Harpswell?

The Town has a Consumer Fireworks Ordinance limiting the use of consumer fireworks to the following dates and times:
(1) July 3,9am to 10pm
(2) July 4, 9am to 12:30am on July 5
(3) July 5, 9am to 10pm
(4) Dec. 31, 9am to 12:30am on Jan. 1
(5) Jan. 1, 9am to 10pm
(6) Weekends before and after July 4 and Dec. 31, 9am to 10pm
This ordinance does not apply to fireworks displays that are permitted by the State of Maine.

How can I obtain information about the Bandstand?

To view the summer concert series at the Bandstand or to rent the Bandstand, follow this link.

What does Harpswell have for trails, public access, boat ramps, or beaches?

Please visit our Town lands and landings section under Things to Do and also The Harpswell Guide for a complete booklet.