Town Property Rentals

The following Town properties are available for rentals on a first come, first served basis. Please see attached policies and applications to request rental.

Mitchell Field and/or Bandstand by the Sea

Printable Application

Online Application

  • Applications are needed for any size group requesting use.
  • Groups of 50-125 will require security deposit, fees and insurance.
  • Group of 125+ will require security deposit/fees, insurance, Select Board approval and additional items. This can take up to three weeks for approval. 

Please read the full policy for all the details and call or email with any questions.

Mackerel Cove Application 

Security deposit, fees and insurance are required for any size group.

If you are looking to rent the adjacent Johnson Field Preserve, you'll need to contact Harpswell Heritage Land Trust.

Trufant Summerton Athletic Field Application

All uses vary. Please see document for uses and fees.