Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission for the Town of Harpswell was established in 1970 by vote at an annual town meeting.  The basic authority to establish a Conservation Commission is given to the municipality through Maine Statute - Title 30-A MRSA, Section 3261.  This section also spells out the Commission's statutory duties. For a copy of the State Law, click here.

The Commission has the responsibility of conducting research and giving advice that will help better utilize, protect, and plan for the Town's natural resources and open areas.  The Conservation Commission seeks to coordinate its activities with existing Town committees, departments, and with other conservation bodies.  As part of this mission, it may advertise, prepare, print, and distribute materials (books, maps, pamphlets, etc.) to help educate and involve the public.

Conservation Commission Membership:

Mary Ann Nahf, Chair
Deirdre Strachan, Vice Chair
Wendy Batson
Nancy West
Jenny Zagariello
Anthony Barrett

Jamie Hark   Associate


Mission Statement and Minutes

Maine State Conservation Commission Law

For important information regarding our environment and projects the Commission is working on, please visit the ENVIRONMENT page.

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