The Assessor’s Office is responsible for discovering, listing, equalizing and valuing all taxable property, real and personal, within the Town of Harpswell for the purpose of taxation.  These duties and responsibilities are completed annually and must comply with Maine Taxation Statutes.  Discovery is accomplished by reviewing deeds, surveys, subdivision plans, taxpayer list declaration forms, building permits, and etc.  Site inspections for new permits and verification on current data are important to determination of value.  Data entry of all property changes of ownership and/or value is required for the preparation of the tax roll.  The tax roll is then committed to the Tax Collector for collection of taxes to raise funds for the budgets approved by the tax payers.

     The Assessing Office is well-resourced with information from the past to present.  The following items or information that can be found in the Assessor’s Office:

● Tax maps   
● Survey Plans 
● Structure information
● Valuations of property  
● Owners of record
● Exempt Applications 
● Taxes 
● Deeds 
● Aerials
● Property tax cards   
● Current Use Programs
● Land size and information    
● Tax information
●Sale Transfers 
●Professional and friendly atmosphere